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Two Coreless freewheeling flywheeling surplus coreless motors gives this workhorse power to spare.

With 8 to 1 ratio the locomotive will run cool and calm at full wheel slip drawing only 150 milliamps and no overheating pegged against a post.

Will run effortlessly at 2 to 3 mph and power to slip the wheels.

At full speed turn the power off and the coreless motors flywheel for 6 to 10 inches and takes you right through dirty track.

The gearmotors used in this installation are Faulhaber 1624 coreless motors (silver commutator and gold brushes) with 16A gearheads customized to 8.3 ratio. The price for these gearmotor & gearhead combination are $79.90 plus shipping, ($39.95 each).

For other locomotive installations the same gearmotor is available in standard ratios of 6.3 and 11.86 for $34.95 each , and a custom ratio of 3.44 at $39.95 each plus shipping.

Directions for other installations are available on request and new installations featured every few months!

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